The Fountain of Youth Has Been Discovered!

The long search for the fountain of youth is finally over.  It has been discovered.  The discovery comes as a surprise to many due to the fact it was always right under their noses.  Trillions of dollars have been spent over the centuries developing pills and potions and lotions, but none have ever succeeded long term.  Today is a new day!

Where is this “Fountain of Youth?” Where does the greatest doctor in the world live?  He lives INSIDE YOU!  Research is constantly revealing that the body has several mechanisms in place to maintain youth.  Unfortunately, so much of life is spent blocking these mechanisms and then old age marches on.

There are many key factors we teach and discuss in our office related to aging.  Issues like inflammation, muscle to fat ratios, toxicity, stress, posture, and many topics surrounding nutrition are all addressed in our care and workshops with the goal of keeping the age monster away and slowing his approach for as long as possible.  Don’t miss this weeks Surge Training Workshop at our offices and the August 17th webinar on what you should be drinking!

You can age gracefully!  We define this as someone who is still active, fulfilling a purpose, independent, energetic, not on medications, and still able to chase the grandkids down the beach at 65+.  While it’s possible, the odds are only approximately  1: 1000.  A number we’re radically improving in our patients in our Maximized Living Clinics.

In addition to the nutrition, fitness, and stress Essentials that most people first associate with staying young and healthy,  research now shows that Essential #2, Maximum Nerve Supply, may very well be the most essential Essential when it comes to finding your Fountain of Youth.

One measurement of healthy aging is called Serum Thiol.   Testing Serum Thiol levels is a way of measuring how well you are repairing and rebuilding your DNA – your genetic tissue in the cell.

This study which includes top researchers from around the globe discovered that people who were receiving regular removal of interference to their nerve system via chiropractic adjustments had STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT SERUM THIOL LEVELS.  That’s huge!

The way the body is designed to heal and function is, of course, amazing, but also straightforward.  The brain and nerve system control and regulate EVERY SINGLE function in the body from breathing to hormone production. There is no debate that you MUST have communication between your brain and your body to heal and function at any level and now we know that this is a fact all the way down to the nucleus of your cells.

When it comes to normal function and healing in our bodies it is vital that your MASTER CONTROLLING SYSTEM (Nerve System) has as little pressure and interference as possible.  Being adjusted by a corrective care Chiropractor and utilizing your home correction kits and exercises helps to maximize nerve supply.

Being part of Maximized Living and living the “5 essentials” is about so much more than just getting out of pain and/or over disease.  It is about you and your family, and the ENTIRE PLANET reaching their potential.  The greatest loss and regret is “what could have been.”  Unleash that power inside of you and LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX!

Remember where the greatest doctor in the world lives – INSIDE YOU!  That’s the truth.

Join the Mission to change the way people think about and experience health! You’ll be saving lives!!