Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerve: Convinced I was having surgery

By: Sasha G.

This all happened so fast. On Thursday I was fine. By Tuesday my left leg hurt so much, I was limping and shuffling around. It hurt to sit. It hurt to stand. I couldn’t drive. All I could do was lay on my mother’s floor. I saw a doctor who said the problem was my hip. Saw a hip surgeon who said the problem was my spine. By Friday, the spinal surgeon was looking at my MRIs. He showed me three bad discs; two herniated, one pinching a nerve. That nerve ran down my left leg and kept me from walking. Given my age and the way I’m built, the surgeon was convinced that steroid shots and physical therapy wouldn’t help. He was trying to push me into the operating room. I needed more time. I wanted more options. We scheduled the steroid shots, but I was convinced I would have surgery in a month.

Mom called a friend who was recovering from back pain. Through some networking, we found Dr. Erb. We looked at the same MRIs, he showed me the shape of my spine and how that was causing the problems. With adjustments and therapy, we could change the shape of my spine. This would fix the inflammation and the pressure and take away the pain.

I was skeptical. These people were way too happy and friendly. Even the name “Maximized Living” seemed kinda vague and cult-like. I was afraid that the environment would cause some kind of pyschosomatic euphoria. I was afraid I’d feel better, but the problem would still be there.

I remember going home after my first adjustment. My leg had been tight for days. It felt like I had a charlie horse all over. For just a few minutes, my leg relaxed and I felt relief.

I was given the option of surgery or chiropractic care. Both seemed risky. With surgery, there were risks with anesthesia. What if the problem re-surfaced and there was less material to cut? With chiropractic care, I was afraid of looking like a fool. I was afraid of wasting time and money on something conventional wisdom said would fail.

Everything Dr. Erb said made sense. If things went wrong, I preferred losing my pride over losing my health.

These first few minutes of relief gave me hope. Within three weeks, I was off my pain meds. About a week later I was pain free.

My posture is better. That’s had a huge effect on my confidence and attitude. I hear better out of my right ear. My monthly cycle has changed completely. I can walk. 🙂 I feel great. I look different.

We took follow up x-rays this morning. I’m excited to see how those turn out.