Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.

Lifestyle to embrace at any age

By: Homer W.

Thank you for being such an encouragement to my life by helping me to see and realize the benefits of Maximized Living and the encouragement that you and your staff have given me.
When I began the program, I didn’t have any set goals that I wanted to accomplish, except maybe to get off of some of the medications I was taking. I didn’t have any weight loss, physical improvement, or dietary goals that I thought I could achieve.  I was hoping the adjustments would take care of helping reduce my dependence on medications.

I started in April 2013 at the age of 70 and have discovered that you offer not a program to try, but a lifestyle to embrace, even at my age.

With no particular goals in mind when I started, the following has occured:

1. I have lost 30 pounds.

2. I have more flexibility, particularly in my neck.

3. I have more energy to be active.

4. I have completely eliminated 6 medications I was taking, and cut in half 3 additional medications.

5. I am diabetic and my blood sugar levels are more in line with what they should be.

6. My knee has much improved.


The orthopedic surgeons told me that the only relief that they could offer for my knee was a complete knee replacement. I had great difficulty with walking without pain and stairs were a nightmare to try and navigate. On vacation this past June, I had a difficult time keeping up with the family so they slowed down to accomodate me.

My wife died in 2004 from MS. Since her death, the town of Flower Mound, Texas (for whom she worked), has put together a 5k run/walk in her memory. It is to raise funds for MS research. I participated in this event every year except for the last two. My knee would not permit it. This past Sunday, November 16, 2013, was the ninth anniversary of my wfie’s death and the tenth “Dorothy’s Dash” Run. I was able to walk the 5k completely and had no knee problem during or after the event.

Thank You Dr. Erb and staff for helping me to be a participant instead of a spectator in this special event.

Many people at the Lake Shore Baptist Church (where I am a Pastor) are now being helped through Maximized Living. I thank God for each of you and ask His continued blessings upon you.

Immune Deficiency Recovery

By: John S.

My story/testimony is one that surprised me. Having been in the office to support my wife who was recovering from back issues, part of the Erb Family philosophy is to invite the family in for an evaluation – again, to show my support I took the evaluation. To my surprise, I was advised that I was in need of care and could greatly benefit from the Maximized program.

Now please note I had been diagnosed with an immune deficiency (missing a protein in my blood) for over thirteen years. All the medical doctors and journals I’d read and spoke to indicated the issue is hereditary with no known cure; just management to maintain levels by monthly infusion.

Again, to restate I have had this diagnosis for over thirteen years so my apprehension was high that this new adjustment to my spine, diet, and lifestyle would be the fix. However, I was willing to try and I am here to report that after a few short months I have improved my health. I have not had an infusion of IVIG in over two months, which in the past I would have been hospitalized if I went without an infusion for two months. So to reduce infusion treatments would be good, but to remove infusion treatments is unheard of and, in short, a miracle.

To adjust spine, body, and lifestyle has improved my internal health, as well as external – being my ideal weight and blood levels almost normal. Continuing the Advanced Plan will further improve my health to fully normal levels.

High Blood Pressure: Better at age 72 than 35

By: Beverly A.

I am 72 years old. As a 35 year old, I had blood pressure of 189/120 – literally scared to death. This controlling of blood pressure has been a battle for 37 years. I had bypass surgery in 1999 and have been on 6-7 meds at a time.

This morning, my blood pressure without meds is 118/68. Thank you, Dr. David Erb and your team.

Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerve: Convinced I was having surgery

By: Sasha G.

This all happened so fast. On Thursday I was fine. By Tuesday my left leg hurt so much, I was limping and shuffling around. It hurt to sit. It hurt to stand. I couldn’t drive. All I could do was lay on my mother’s floor. I saw a doctor who said the problem was my hip. Saw a hip surgeon who said the problem was my spine. By Friday, the spinal surgeon was looking at my MRIs. He showed me three bad discs; two herniated, one pinching a nerve. That nerve ran down my left leg and kept me from walking. Given my age and the way I’m built, the surgeon was convinced that steroid shots and physical therapy wouldn’t help. He was trying to push me into the operating room. I needed more time. I wanted more options. We scheduled the steroid shots, but I was convinced I would have surgery in a month.

Mom called a friend who was recovering from back pain. Through some networking, we found Dr. Erb. We looked at the same MRIs, he showed me the shape of my spine and how that was causing the problems. With adjustments and therapy, we could change the shape of my spine. This would fix the inflammation and the pressure and take away the pain.

I was skeptical. These people were way too happy and friendly. Even the name “Maximized Living” seemed kinda vague and cult-like. I was afraid that the environment would cause some kind of pyschosomatic euphoria. I was afraid I’d feel better, but the problem would still be there.

I remember going home after my first adjustment. My leg had been tight for days. It felt like I had a charlie horse all over. For just a few minutes, my leg relaxed and I felt relief.

I was given the option of surgery or chiropractic care. Both seemed risky. With surgery, there were risks with anesthesia. What if the problem re-surfaced and there was less material to cut? With chiropractic care, I was afraid of looking like a fool. I was afraid of wasting time and money on something conventional wisdom said would fail.

Everything Dr. Erb said made sense. If things went wrong, I preferred losing my pride over losing my health.

These first few minutes of relief gave me hope. Within three weeks, I was off my pain meds. About a week later I was pain free.

My posture is better. That’s had a huge effect on my confidence and attitude. I hear better out of my right ear. My monthly cycle has changed completely. I can walk. 🙂 I feel great. I look different.

We took follow up x-rays this morning. I’m excited to see how those turn out.

Heart Issues: Went to the doctor and they can’t find any signs of MVP anymore!

By: Stephanie C.

When I started care I had been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse and Dysautonomia (dysfunction of the nervous system). But after 1.5 years of getting adjusted by Dr. Erb and the curve in my neck changing, I went to the doctor and they can’t find any signs of MVP anymore, and you can’t have Dysautonomia without MVP!

Freedom From Fear: My Kids Are Healthier Than They Have Ever Been!

By: Jennifer A.

When I was growing up, my mom took us to the doctor for every little thing. Sore throat, bellyache, you name it – we were there!

After having children of my own, I started wondering if all these shots were good for them. My son was diagnosed with asthma by the time he was a year old, which is supposed to be rare. The doctors put him on all these medicines and steroids. I have no doubt in my mind that a vaccine is what caused his breathing issues. My daughter seemed to be getting sick all the time too. I hated feeling like I was out of control on their health issues, constantly running to the doctor or the emergency room. So, I did my research and found out how chiropractic care could help all of our health issues. We found Dr. David and our life has changed in so many ways. We have learned that if we eat right, get our adjustments and exercise, we can live the life God intended for us to live.

The freedom I felt when our kids got the flu about three years ago and we did not run to the doctor was such a great feeling. Their temperature was over 104 and we did all natural remedies and got adjustments. They were over it in three days! My kids have not had a flu shot or any vaccines in over three years and they are healthier than they have ever been.

Freedom from fear is amazing!

Fibromyalgia: I have amazed doctor after doctor with my progression!

By: Monica E.

When I first started care with Erb Family Wellness Center, my system was very toxic and my body would have frequent urgent meltdowns. Visits to the ER were normal. I suffered with fibromyalgia and all associated disorders connected with that diagnosis (i.e. interstitial cystitis, IBS, endometriosis, costochondritis, etc). My system was stubborn in responding to treatment. Finally, after suffering a major medical crisis where I was diagnosed with atrial septal defect, complex migraine syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, and restrictive lung disease, I tired of the health issues. I poured more into releasing toxic thoughts and environmental toxins. With much faith, prayer, and effort (from the amazing staff at EFWC), I became symptom-free. I have amazed doctor after doctor with my progression and have awesome VCS tests!!! When you are at the end of your rope physically, emotionally, and spiritually, keep pushing and you WILL receive divine health IF you don’t grow weary.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction: Healing from 17 Years of Illness

By: Eileen W.

For more than seventeen years, I have suffered with widespread muscle, tendon and joint body pain, flu-like fatigue, malaise, impaired concentration and memory, brain fog, sore throat, swollen glands, hyper-sensitivity to light, noise, chemical/perfume odors, anxiety, digestive problems, sleeplessness and more. My diagnosis is Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction. Over the years I have been treated by primary care and specialist doctors (Neurologist, Endocrinologist, Oncologist, Rheumatologist and more); alternative practitioners (acupuncture, nutritionist, naturopaths, Chinese medicine and more); tried various prescription drugs and many, many over-the counter supplements and natural remedies. I’ve spent thousands of dollars searching for relief from these overwhelmingly difficult and persistent illnesses.
Prior to seeing Dr. Erb, I was in a relapse that last six months. I was so ill that I was in bed almost every day until 6:00 pm- sometimes in my pajamas without bathing for a week. I suffered with overwhelming fatigue and malaise, pain, hopelessness and isolation. I had reached a point of desperation when I asked my husband to send a prayer request to his men’s prayer group. One man replied immediately with accolades for a chiropractor who had helped him and many others with his unique approach to healing. I was thankful to him for taking the time to respond, however, I didn’t think that chiropractic care was the right choice for me. Remember, I had tried many therapies over the years, and yes, chiropractic care was one of them.
On June 10, 2013, Erb Family Wellness sponsored a free dinner to introduce people to their services. Truth be told, I went to the dinner to show my husband that I hadn’t given up on life and was willing to go and listen. How could I say “no” since this seemed like an answer to prayer? My first impression was that Dr. David Erb and his staff were very energetic and “perky” and way too happy. I felt my guard go up. I felt a sales pitch coming on and was resistant to whatever I imagined they were selling. I thought, “been there, done that”.. just another “thing” that will cost money and build up my hopes only to have them dashed yet again.
As the evening progressed I began to relax somewhat and I found myself filling out paperwork and making an appointment for a consultation with Dr. David Erb. At some point that evening I felt that I had to get on this “train” and see where it would take me. I know that it was God leading me to the path of healing and I had tearfully prayed for time and time again.
When I saw my x-rays I was shocked at how damaged my spinal column was. They showed Scoliosis and subluxations at various points in my spine. And so began my treatment . Before my first adjustment, I felt nervous and fearful and told Dr. Erb that I was afraid to be hopeful. When I saw his eyes fill with tears at my comment, I knew that this man had compassion that I had never before seen in any physician who had treated me in the past. At that moment I immediately trusted him. From that point on I felt like God was guiding me and could carry me through every step I was to take on the road to wellness.
After my first spinal adjustment, my head felt clear- the brain fog was gone. After a couple of treatments, I did not spend a full day in bed. The dark hole I’d been in was replaced by light and joy and hope.  In less than two months I no longer needed two of my prescription medications I’d been taking for years.  One of them was for sleep. Imagine my joy at being able to fall asleep and stay asleep without a pill!!!! I’ve been participating in this treatment plan for less than three months and I feel that if I do my part in keeping to the “5 Essentials of Real Health” and that I will achieve a level of wellness that will surpass anything I’ve ever experienced. I still have days that I feel unwell, but I don’t get discouraged. One step at a time (somedays baby steps) brings me closer to my goal. I don’t know how long it will take but I know that this is the best treatment that I have found in seventeen years of illness.
Dr. David Erb and his staff are the “real thing”. They are enthusiastic and optimistic because what they do works!!! They embrace each patient and truly desire wholeness and wellness for everyone. I look forward to every day that I get to see and interact with each of them. Each staff member is very eager to share their knowledge and answer any questions I might have while guiding me through this journey of healing.