Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.

Diabetes: I’ve Stopped All Medications And Never Looked Back

By: Margie T.

One Sunday in 2012 I was complaining about my knees aching terribly while in church. My daughter’s friend (who sings in the choir with her) gave her some information pertaining to ERB FAMILY WELLNESS CENTER in Coppell, Texas.  Her friend (a patient of Dr Erb’s) explained how this particular doctor was a man of God and was willing to give all and everything he could to help everyone to be well and stay well with the healing God had given us within our own bodies. So my appointment with this “spectacular doctor” was set for April 27, 2012. All procedures were explained in details. At that initial meeting, I was on four medications for diabetes, high cholesterol (bad), high blood pressure and also on a low dose aspirin regimen. I began the Advanced Eating Plan recommended by Dr Kimberly Erb, home exercises prescribed by Erb Family Wellness, and came three times per week for adjustments and consultations for any problems I had.  Well, thanks to God and the excellent care I received, on May 15, 2012, I stopped all medications and have never looked back. I knew without a doubt that I was totally healed and God used this wonderful doctor and his staff to breathe health and healing back in my life. I also lost over twenty pounds. Needless to say, my primary physician was quite upset at this decision on my part. I simply explained to her that “if I believe GOD for other things in my life then I have to believe Him for this phase of my life also.”  So here I am today, “staying well to keep well” all thanks to God and this great doctor and his incredible staff that gives all of the GOD in them and their love to all who enters the doors of Erb Family Wellness Center.  I am no longer diabetic!

Wanna know something?  I believe that God dropped a little bit of heaven here on earth and it’s known as the Erb Family Wellness Center.

Depression/Anxiety Recovery: IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE TOO!

I am currently a 26 year old male who has struggled with many disabilities mentally. I have been on all kinds of prescriptions throughout my life (Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, Depakote, Xanax, and Lithium). I have been hit by a drunk driver and recently was the victim of electrical shock which ended with me falling 10 feet head-first off my roof onto a retaining wall. I’ve been to all kinds of doctors and specialists, but no one could find what was wrong. After CAT scans, MRIs, EKG, X-rays, blood work, everything came back normal… except all day I had chest pain that made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack and die. I would I would get random numbness with tingling sensations in my head, feet, neck, arms, and chest. I would have shortness of breath as well. These symptoms finally took over my life. A month ago they were so bad I paced in my apartment for five hours straight and felt like all my surroundings were abnormal. I couldn’t even watch TV, exercise, eat, or study, which turned into major depression and anxiety because I feared the next day or night. I lost myself and Dr. Erb brought me back. He is removing subluxation in my spine, and I can say after a month I already see 50% improvement in symptoms. I was able to study all day, watch TV, read, eat, and the pain has subsided. I still have a lot of work to do, but it’s true: Remove nerve interference, do your rehab exercises, and change your diet. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE TOO!

Anxiety/Panic Disorder: I did not want to spend the rest of my life like a zombie

By: Susan B.

On August 9, 2013, I was sitting in my living room and out of the blue, my body started feeling so strange, almost like it was shutting down. I had never in my life felt this way and it scared me. For the next week with three trips to the ER and two visits to my regular doctor, I was told it was only anxiety and panic, so I was put on Zoloft and Ativan. The only thing these two drugs made me do was sleep. In fact, during this time period, I had a birthday and slept right through it. I knew that I did not want to spend the rest of my life like a zombie.

After witnessing my 20-year-old nephew’s success with a Maximized Living doctor in Austin where he was able to get off all his meds for Tourette’s and overcome several other health issues, I knew it was time to go see one myself. I am a wife to a wonderful husband of 32 years, mother of two beautiful grown daughters, have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and another grandchild on the way. Being drugged up all the time was not how I planned to spend the empty nest years with my husband or while being the Nana to my grandchildren. So I made an appointment with Dr. David Erb and after one treatment, I was able to notice a huge difference. My wonderful husband made the visit with me and after talking to Dr. David and his wonderful, caring staff, he also made the decision to begin the journey to better health by changing our lives with the Five Essentials. We have only been patients for a little over a month now and I have not had one anxiety and/or panic attack since I started. Dr. David had not only been treating me but has become my biggest support system and has guided me through this with such care and passion to see me well.

I firmly believe that God puts you through certain circumstances for a reason, and if going through this can help one person get off anxiety drugs and live a normal life, it was all worth it.

Allergies: Completely Medication Free, No Headaches, and Sleeping Through the Night

By: Bradley V.

You think you have allergies?!

Imagine not having a memory of sleeping through an entire night without coughing attacks and nose bleeds.

Imagine sleeping in the fetal position just so you can breathe.

Imagine having severe chronic headaches for which no doctor could figure out the cause, being prescribed heart medication to slow your heart rate and being told “we don’t know why this works for headaches, but it helps some of our other patients.”

Imagine being diagnosed with being allergic to over 80% of all known allergens, on every over-the-counter and most prescription drugs for allergies and asthma, and taking two allergy shots 2x a week with no lasting results.

That was my life, until I walked into Dr. Erb’s office.

My wife had been under Dr. Erb’s care for about a year before I finally decided to come in. I respected him but viewed him as a “used car salesman of medicine,” just as I had other chiropractors based on my experience from a car wreck and being ushered into a chiropractic office by an ambulance chaser.

After a few adjustments and working the plan, my life and health started to improve a bit, but I still wasn’t a believer. Not until the day I came into the office unable to breathe through my nose at all and a little cranky because my prescriptions were not working.

I then had a true “Power on” experience – Dr. Erb adjusted my neck and my sinuses instantly cleared. In that moment I decided no more meds, no mater how much I’d have to suffer through the headaches, sniffling, sneezing, etc. I was going to follow the plan and let the chips fall were they may.

Today I am completely medication free, no headaches, and sleeping throughout the night for the first time I can remember in thirty years.

Thank you Dr. Erb for turning my power on!

God bless you for what you do for me and my family.

ADHD: I took my last Strattera pill!

By: Dylan K.

Hi, my name is Dylan. I’m 12 years old and the doctors told me I had ADHD when I was 6. For the past 6 years I’ve been taking Strattera and I hated having to take that pill every day. It always made me feel sick, like I was about to throw up. And I hated the taste of it! I was always asking my parents when I could stop taking my medicine and they said some people get to stop taking it when they get older and some people have to take it their whole lives. I didn’t like that answer.

Then we met Dr. Erb and as soon as we started I could instantly tell a difference in how I felt. Getting adjustments helped me feel better and run faster. For example, I used to run a 7 minute mile, but after some adjustments I was able to improve my time and now I can run a mile in under 7 minutes.

In the first six weeks of getting adjustments, my parents made a LOT of diet changes, especially for me. And by the last day of school I took my last Strattera pill! I don’t have to take it anymore! Since I stopped taking it. my confidence level has boosted, my back feels better than ever and my self control and concentration has improved. I also grew four inches over the summer.

I would recommend Dr. Erb, Maximized Living, and their team to anybody because they don’t just crack your back, they make you part of the family.

Beating migraines and medication

By: Sheila O.

For years, I had suffered from migraines. This led to seizures and to TiA’s. No doctor could give me the reason why or help me. All I got was more medicine (I was up to 14 pills every day).

After one month I am now down to three in the morning and two at night. I haven’t had any seizures and have only had a few migraines. Compared to before, I am able to get out of bed for a reason. I have my life back!!

Finally taking charge

By: Steve H.

I feel like I’ve finally gotten a road map to a better life. I’ve been losing weight and feeling better, more alive. I’ve also found myself feeling less stressed out with the daily grind. I’ve been able to take charge of situations which would normally send me into a panic.

Nutrition plans that changed my family’s lives

By: Lisa A.

I don’t even know if I can completely express just how much this program has changed my life!

I have a completely different view of food now. I don’t think of it simply as something to eat because I am hungry. I have a new mindset about how food fuels my body and how to combine different foods in a way that will fuel my body to keep up with the demands of my life.

As you know, our whole family is on board and the kids are loving it! They are sleeping better and are less cranky without the processed foods and so much sugar. We have broken a cycle for them. It has become who we are now.